Vanda Baross, the awarded Inovator, brings a new approach to health for us all. I dare say she invented the pill that helps you understand and use your own mind, giving you a code of how to live your life at highest potentials.

A lot of people already tried this method and were cured from the subconcious traps our mind is installing when it shuts out a great deal of potentials we were born with. These people can now look back and feel gratitude for having a chance to have met this remarkable woman. She is not only helping but teaches you how to use your awarness in the future and embrace life as something given to us to LIVE not only trying to understand why life is disappointing us, all the time.

Vanda made friends with human mind – this incripted universal secret, offered to us all at birth. As they say: “GOLDEN words open many doors “. Imagine what a golden mind is able to do?!. Even though behind this hard work and many obstacles she managed to convience the unbelievers around the world of her work and make them believe that things are possible right there where they seem impossible.

The Jury at the International Invention Show knew only one thing – THIS COULD ONLY BE GOLD and NOTHING ELSE.

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