About The Book


“Word Wide Wisdom” is written in English language for a very specific reason. In order to reveal the Source of decoded language no other language was suitable.

Apart from 93 decoded words this book is full of wise formulas for resolving many problems you may encounter on these pages.

The style, simplicity, humor, love and human approach make this book easily readable even for those whose English isn’t their native language and might think that it’s beyond them.

What’s also different and unique is the conception of the book. First, the book is so original and authentic that is has no reference to other books. Secondly, the book is divided into 26 chapters plus epilogue describing the pre-natal growth of the zygote Zyggy into a human being through 26 letters of English Alphabet being blessed by the teacher who follows him all the way to his birth.

Curious as it is it doesn’t go from A to Z but the other way around. The reasons you’ll find in the book itself.

And here the surprises don’t end. The titles of each chapter are formed by the ruling letter of the chapter together with the subtitle forming meaningful and wise phrases.

This book is know-how of Zyggy’s life, but it can also be the know-how of your life if you allow yourself the privilege to learn from it.

Few comments on a book

It is very unusual and unique approach to words and thinking!
S. U. Douglas, eminent NY lawyer

Thank you Vanda Baross for your limitless mind, freefloating soul and lovesearching heart. Glad I didn’t miss this book!
R.Cipro, Expert in Communication

This book, incredibly special, should have the subtitle ….And now something totaly different…
M. Smigelski

Trust me, it’s a must have book!
I.Bradic, Captain

WWW – this book connects like Internet, only this time connecting parts of our inner world, starting with Word opening Wide to share the Wisdom. Fascinating indeed!
G. Baric, bookfan

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