English Language Workshop


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This innovated method offers integration of English language  into cognitive area of your mind estimating the knowledge through recognition of your own principles, attitudes, opinions and convictions already existing. They turn into correctly understood ideas becoming sensible to that integral part of you instead of pure memorizing.

Who are we when we gather at the English Language Workshop (ELW)?

We are group of ordinary people with extraordinary demands who are looking for the unusual approach to usual things far from standard schooling system!

How do we do it?

Using the innovative advantage of this method  that lies in daring to look beyond the appearance of simple set of English words put together in order to communicate.

For example, when we decode the word HELP and everyone believes that they know the meaning of the word it fells apart as H(ave) E(motion) of L(ove) P(revail). Then you realize that no help without love is possible and if you’ve been unsuccessful in helping others out might be because you didn’t feel like it!

And if you come to my workshop as tide up sack not capable of experiencing JOY, English language tells you how simple it is – J(ust) O(pen) Y(ourself)!

The aim is to learn English language never to forget, to achieve the broader possible level of communicative skills in all fields of your life using this language as medium which in its words and structures offers a brand new, simple and highly acceptable way of life.

In 10 years of this workshop we have covered over 4000 hours of no repetitive innovative materials with more to come.

Join us; it’s easier than you think!

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