I am Vanda Baross, linguist, therapist, consultant and writer.
I was lucky to be drawn to the English language since I was a kid. I knew some parts of this language even before I started learning it at school. This language is in my blood although it is not my native language.

If it happens that along the way of your life you encounter a wise tutor to help you through your schooling, growing up, setting the job or even falling in love, you can say that you were lucky! And if that tutor appears almost every time you need solve the riddle of the moment, enlighten your dilemmas pushing where you’ve already given up, you can say you’ve been kissed by destiny.

Well, this is exactly what happened to me. My lifetime tutor – English language – has blessed me in so many ways. It looked for me, found me and set my life in the most original way. It fell apart right there before me disclosing its constituting parts each falling deeper into hidden meanings and so it became the unique world’s invention – decoded English language! My absolute privilege in life!

What English language hides in its code is offered to you through me, so that you can see through the best dictionaries there are into the real meanings of the words. Those you stumble at are the most important for you as they might be the new crossroad or the signs along the way you didn’t count on, or have ran away long time ago.

I have channeled this invention into the educational field creating “Cognitively Integrated Method of English Language” a new, revolutionary way of learning English language using your own self as a primary tool discovering the reasons beneath the surface of the grammar and other language constructions as well as getting to know yourself better. We do it at the Elgnisl Language Workshops.

I have also channeled this invention into another field – word therapy – and created “Vibrational Mind Processing” – locating; uncovering and resolving the impact of unconsciously stored traumas on ones life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We do it on one on one basis.

So, no wonder that I always encourage people to dare make a difference from what’s already set as a norm, if they feel the urge inside them. Who better then you know what you like the most, what’s most appealing to you or what can bring you into success area?

As Less Brown said; “Aim for the sky, because if you fall you’ll be among the stars!”

I have dared to aim for the sky and I am stepping up star by star… who knows where will it take me next… since we all know that there is no end…

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